The Album Project

Join us and become part of Stay At Home Choir history!

We're making a Stay At Home Choir album!


New members welcome!


Registration for the project is now closed, and singers are submitting their recordings. Please join us for the next one!


Join us to learn a perfectly formed set of five choral pieces from all around the world.


Over the course of ten weeks of rehearsals, you'll get all our signature learning resources, special guest appearances, and guidance from Jamie and Tori. You can take part in rehearsals live on Zoom or YouTube, or view the recordings later on catch-up. Then you'll have until the end of August to send us your audio-only submissions, so you can record in your own time throughout the summer. 


For those of you who want a challenge, The Album Project offers five exciting classical pieces to sink your teeth into! And if you want to keep singing even as your diary begins to fill up, you can still get involved. This slow-burn, flexible project will fit perfectly into whatever downtime you have to spare.


We'll give you supported time and space to learn, sing, record, and submit The Album Project pieces. And we'll also have other projects with more amazing artists happening over the next few months too!


Our suggested contribution for The Album Project is £36*, with a minimum contribution of £20*. This includes access to all of our resources and a digital download of the album when it's released in November 2021.


Key dates


Registration opens: Friday 30th April

Resources released: Tuesday 1st June, Monday 7th June, and Monday 14th June

Submission deadline: Tuesday 31st August

Album release: Mid-November 2021



There's no obligation to record all of the tracks! Feel free to join us just to learn and enjoy the live sessions if you prefer.

Click on the composers below to listen to the pieces.

1. Gregorio Allegri - 'Miserere Mei, Deus' (abridged)

2. Josef Rheinberger - 'Abendlied'

3. Rosephanye Powell - 'Arise, Beloved!'

4. Sarah Quartel - 'Amabile Alleluia' (audio example coming soon)

5. Edward Elgar - 'Nimrod' in a new choral arrangement, 'O Salutaris Hostia', by Michael Higgins



About the Stay At Home Choir


The Stay At Home Choir is an online music-making community. We run virtual choir projects which allow over 26,000 people from over 76 countries to sing with their favourite artists.


Being a part of your wonderful online singing community is SUCH a massive help and comfort. It is utterly amazing to be a (tiny!) part of this incredible effort and just wanted to say thank you for all that you do to ensure that we continue to sing together. 

Sioban, UK


We provide detailed learning resources, online rehearsals, and one-off sessions with internationally acclaimed musicians, conductors, and composers. Our members become part of a friendly and thriving community, connecting with fellow music-lovers around the world.


The joy and enthusiasm is so infectious, it is wonderful! And living in a remote village, the choir gives me the chance to sing music in a choir that I otherwise wouldn't be able to.
Ann, UK


We've collaborated with artists including Gareth Malone, The King's Singers, Christopher Tin, The Swingles, John Rutter, Sir Karl Jenkins, VOCES8, Marin Alsop, the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. 


For me being part of the SAHC community, meeting all those crazy, inspiring, wonderful and musical people from all over the world is something that I never had thought I would ever experience. And look where we are now!! What an achievement!! What a joy!! What a hell of a lot of fun and happiness.

Wolfram, Germany


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